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8 Hotspots For Workspace Germs

We spend a considerable amount of time at work, and therefore having a germ-free, hygienic office environment is absolutely essential. Here, we look at the eight hotspots for germs in the workplace so you can keep your office as clean and healthy as possible.


Right from the moment you enter your office, you’re exposing yourself to germs. The door handle has a surprising amount of bacteria on it because of the sheer number of people who walk into and out of your office building daily. However, the door handle with most germs of hall is that to the staff toilets, especially when you bear in mind that a survey has revealed that a quarter of people don’t wash their hands when they go to the toilet!


More staff that ever before are bringing lunch to work in an attempt to stay healthy and save money. Unfortunately, a lot of that food ends up sitting in the fridge for days on end, going mouldy. This leads to the office fridge becoming a haven for bacteria.

3.Phones And Desks

Workers spend most of the day sitting at their desk, and that’s why there are so many germs on it. The office telephone is often the workplace’s dirtiest item, therefore keeping it clean couldn’t be more important considering that you hold it close to your face when speaking on it.

4.Keyboards And Mouse

Computer keyboards have more bacteria than the average toilet seat, and in cases of people working on hot-desks, the amount of bacteria is even higher!

5.Staff Bags

You might not think that your own bag could be riddled with germs, but in fact it almost certainly is. You put your bag down on floors all over, both in the office and outside it – even in the toilets!


If you take a quick look around your office now, you’re bound to spot at least one mug sitting on a desk which gets used over and over again without being put in the dishwasher. This is clearly a hygiene hazard.

7.Printers And Photocopiers

Printers and photocopiers see a lot of use during an average day, and lots of people use them. It’s no wonder that their buttons are riddled with germs.

8.The Water Cooler

You may spend time chatting around the office water cooler, but maybe you shouldn’t since evidence shows that there are more germs around your water cooler than anywhere else in the workplace. With so many people using this vital piece of office equipment, it isn’t too surprising that bacteria starts to mount up.

Cleaning Your Office

With these eight office hotspots for germs fresh in your mind, it’s time to think seriously about how you can improve the cleanliness in your workplace. The best solution is to hire a team of reliable and professional office cleaners such as North Kent Cleaning. With trustworthy cleaners on board, you can be confident that bacteria and germs will be removed for a spotless office environment.