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Managing Air Quality In The Workplace

Poor air quality at work can seriously impact on the workforce’s productivity. If staff are suffering from allergies and breathing difficulties they are not only going to struggle to maintain their high standard of work but they will also take more time off sick, costing the business money. It’s therefore very important to manage air quality inside the workplace, but where do you begin?

The Common Causes Of Air Quality Problems

Contaminants that cause poor air quality come from many sources. These can be both outside or inside the building and include bacteria, dust, pollen, fungi and chemicals. Other factors like temperature, lighting, noise and humidity can also have an impact. Inside your workplace, there are three major factors which can impact on air quality – dust, mould and cleaning chemicals.

Dust And Debris

Unknowingly, workers may bring sources of contamination into the workplace on their bodies and clothing. Consumer products like air fresheners and cleaners as well as dust from the outdoor environment and pet dander can be brought into the office space where they can begin to contaminate the air. If dust is allowed to accumulate on office furniture, floors and other surfaces, breathing problems and allergic reactions can be the result.

Mould And Mildew

Damp materials can result in mould spores which can be released into the atmosphere. This is especially a problem in office bathroom and kitchen areas where mould and mildew can begin to develop if moisture builds up and there is insufficient ventilation to freshen the air. When this kind of bacterial growth isn’t cleaned away thoroughly it can also contaminate the air and cause respiratory issues.

Cleaning Chemicals

If harsh cleaning products containing potentially harmful chemicals are used to clean surfaces within the workplace, they can cause poor air quality too. Some people are very sensitive to chemicals in the atmosphere and the result can be health problems.

Controlling Indoor Air Quality

The good news is that it needn’t be too difficult to control the indoor air quality inside your workplace. The best way to do this is by removing the source of the contamination so that your workers can breathe more freely.

When it comes to dust and debris in the environment, this can be achieved by ensuring an adequate level of cleaning in the office environment. It is also important to only use chemical cleaning products sparingly and when there is sufficient ventilation. There are lots of green cleaning products which contain no harsh chemicals but which are still very effective. Ensuring adequate ventilation in kitchen and bathroom areas or fitting dehumidifiers in especially damp areas will reduce the chance of mould spreading, but if any patches of spores are detected, they must be cleaned straight away with effective cleaning products.

When you choose a professional office cleaning company, you can be confident that mould, dust and debris which could cause respiratory problems will all be effectively removed from the workplace. North Kent Cleaning Services can also use eco-friendly cleaning products with no harsh chemicals to ensure minimal allergic reactions yet a clean and hygienic workplace.