Allergies in the office
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Allergies in the Office

It’s springtime! For most of us this is great news as we are all too happy to say goodbye to the harsh cold weather and welcome the warm sunrays of spring with open arms. For many people however, spring means the onset of constant sneezing, coughing and/or watery eyes caused by the abundance of allergens in the air that is typical at this time of year. These allergens that irritate and cause allergies will frequently find their way into your office and it is important to take measures to lessen their effect so that employee productivity and attendance is not adversely affected. Here are some common allergens that can be found in most workplaces and how you can help to prevent them.

Mystery Mold

There are many things that can potentially cause allergic reactions in an office setting but mold is one of the most ominous. Mold is particularly dangerous in the office because is not as easily seen as it would be in a residential space and getting rid of it can be a lengthy and expensive process. Paying attention to the upkeep of the building and doing regular site inspections will help to identify any problem areas sooner than later. The building should also be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, preferably by professionals. Controlling the humidity in the office will also help to reduce chances of mold growing in the office. The humidity inside an office space should be less than 50% at all times.

Cleaning Chemicals

It may come as a surprise but yes, even the chemicals that are used for cleaning can potentially act as allergens in your office. Some cleaning agents that are used for commercial cleaning have been known to cause watery eyes, headaches and even nausea. These agents can linger in the air and affect employees long after the space has been cleaned. The good news is that when you use an experienced commercial cleaning company like North Kent Cleaning, because they know which chemicals are likely to irritate allergies, they will avoid using them and your office space will not suffer from this type of allergens.

Mother Nature

If your office is in a location where there are lots of trees and other vegetation outside, they may potentially become the source of allergens that eventually find their way into your office building. These natural elements are especially abundant in the spring months and in this season you may find it helpful to address these potential threats before they can cause any damage. Consider relocating any trees that blossom to an area where they are not in close proximity to the entrance of your building. Keeping windows and doors closed, and cleaning the air ventilation system regularly will also help to minimize the number of outside allergens that get inside.

Your office does not need to fall victim to allergens no matter what time of year it is. Take the precautions suggested above and you are sure to notice a reduction in the number of employees that are sneezing this spring season. Should you have any questions about how you can prevent the spread of allergens in your office, or to request a professional cleaning, please contact us at or by telephone at 01634 271 173.