Bleach or Eco-Friendly Cleaners - Which Is Best
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Bleach or Eco-Friendly Cleaners – Which Is Best?

Most workplaces have bleach on site as one of their key cleaning products, however it comes as a surprise to many people that bleach actually isn’t for cleaning at all, but is, instead, a stripping agent. While bleach has been commonly used for generations both in commercial premises and in the home, it is not always the best choice of product. Although it does work well to remove stains, it also strips away the surface that it is being used on. This explains why fabrics change colour when they come into contact with bleach, since it literally strips out the colour of the material!

Surface Damage

If bleach is used regularly on surfaces, damage can begin to occur. While business owners often say that they prefer to use bleach in their workplaces to ensure hygiene, they don’t realise just how much damage can be caused. Yet when bleach is used day after day and year after year to clean sinks, work tops and toilet bowls, the surfaces become brittle and porous, making stains more easily ingrained – entirely defeating the object of using bleach!

Chemical Reactions

Not only does bleach cause damage to surfaces in the workplace, it also reacts with some other substances. If, for example, different cleanings products are used on toilets and sinks before pouring bleach on top, the chemical reaction which can then be created may potentially release toxic fumes which could cause dangerous health problems. Bleach may even burn human skin, and exposure to the toxic fumes can irritate the eyes, lungs, skin and mouth. People who have allergies, asthma, eczema or respiratory issues can have a serious reaction to bleach’s chemical make-up. In fact, studies have been carried out which have shown that by using bleach just once weekly, the chance of developing COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) increases by almost a third.

What Is The Alternative?

In order to guard against exposure to such potentially harmful cleaning agents, it is best to use eco-friendly cleaning products which have been made using only natural products. Studies have proven that lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits have impressive cleaning properties, for example, and are therefore ideal for use in environmentally sound products which are not only better for the workplace environment but also for the health of those who work in it.

Products which are oxygen based and which do not contain chlorine are the best choice when it comes to keeping the workplace clean. There’s no need to worry about the workplace being left in an unhygienic condition either, since eco-friendly commercial cleaning products have been proven to be effective while also being safe.

North Kent Cleaning Services offer a green cleaning service which has been ISO14001 accredited for your peace of mind. Using only environmentally safe products, we can ensure that your workplace remains spotless without any of the harmful effects that bleach can cause for either your workplace surfaces or for your employees’ health and well-being.