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Does Your Business Really Need An “Autumn Clean”? Absolutely!

It seems like the summer had only just arrived, yet it’s almost time to see it go as we move into the lovely season of autumn with its cool temperatures and vivid colors as the plants and trees prepare for winter.

As we squeeze every last bit of summer fun, it’s time to start making preparations for autumn. Much like a spring cleaning, an autumn cleaning takes care of any built up dirt, dust or grime from the summer season, and at the same time, helps you to transition into the winter.

Here are some of the things that you can do to prepare yourself for the changing of the seasons.

Deep Cleaning Surfaces

All frequently used areas should be deep cleaned. Counters, desks, office equipment, computers and so on are areas where focus should be placed.

During the summer months, its likely that dust and in some cases grime would have accumulated on the windows, blinds or drapes and they too should be cleaned in preparation for autumn

Germ Hot Spots

As it gets cooler, you can be sure that your break room will see more traffic as employees will remain indoors and hot beverage utensils will be heavily used. It is a good idea to have this area properly deep cleaned to remove any germs that might be lurking.

Professionally Clean Floors

Your floors are in for a tough time during the upcoming winter months.

Autumn is the best time to have them professionally cleaned to help them to stand up to extreme conditions to come. Depending on the flooring type and usage level, some floors can be treated with a compound that will help it to stand up better to the wet and cold conditions associated with winter

Storage Rotation

Autumn is a short season, so before you know it, it will be necessary to take out holiday decorations and the like. You can clean and rearrange your storage space to make sure that these items are brought to the front for easy retrieval, and any items being stored at the end of the summer season in placed at the back.

Use this opportunity to thoroughly clean the room and surrounding areas.

Clean Air Ducts

There may be dust, grime and allergens that have built up in the ducting system during the summer as windows and doors were kept open fairly often. As you make the switch to indoor air, its critically important to have the ducts cleaned so that there will be no respiratory related discomfort or illnesses during autumn and beyond

North Kent Cleaning Services can help you through the changing seasons and are ready to tackle even the most difficult cleaning assignment. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at or 01634 271 173 to discuss how we will help your business to get ready for autumn.