Clean Business - Cornerstone of Superior Customer Service

Clean Business – Cornerstone of Superior Customer Service

We live in a competitive world.

Every business that is out there is competing for a finite amount of customers, therefore they have to use every method at their disposal to attract and keep customers.

While businesses use a mix of marketing and advertising to get customers, keeping them is not an easy task. Businesses have to use many strategies to keep their customers loyal.

Clearly how well you serve your customers will have a huge impact on whether they keep coming back to you or not, but have you ever considered that having a clean business is a tool that you can use to gain competitive advantage and that it should be an important part of your customer service delivery strategy?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression; therefore, every business needs to ensure that from the moment a customer sets foot into their premises, they are captivated by its appearance. However, whilst having the most modern customer focused designs and furnishings are important in meeting this goal, if your business place is dirty, all of your efforts would have been wasted.

An unclean environment tells customers that you are not professional and do not pay attention to details.

This is hardly the message you want to transmit.

By paying keen attention to every aspect of cleanliness in you are telling your customers that their business is important to you and that that no effort is too much to make sure that they are satisfied. Many businesses only pay the minimal attention to cleaning their spaces and hope that customers won’t notice, but they do.

Pay special attention to areas where customers will spend most of their time. In waiting areas and customer halls for example banking halls, pay attention to the upholstered furniture, make sure that they are spotless. Ensure that your metal surfaces are spot free and that your countertops are wiped clean very often. Windows and drapes or blinds should also be sparklingly clean. The floors too, should be spotless no matter what kind of flooring your business has. There should be no stains on carpets and tile and wood flooring should not have any obviously damaged sections.

Have you ever been to a nicely appointed business place and then visit the restroom and be totally shocked by how unclean it is, especially in comparison to the rest of the establishment? This too sends a poor signal to customers as it can transmit the message that your business is all about appearances and of no substance. In eating establishments such as restaurants and café an unclean restroom can kill your business at it is a huge turnoff for customers. They believe that this poor standard of cleanliness is what obtains in the food preparation areas that they cannot see and so will not return to that establishment.

The level of cleanliness that your business should be striving to attain is not easily accomplished. It is best to retain the services of an experienced cleaning contractor to ensure that your business environment is pristine. North Kent Cleaning Services stands ready to provide you with the professional services that you need. Please contact us at or 01634 271 173  so we may discuss how we will best serve you.