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A Clean Office Requires Cooperation From Everyone

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And nowhere is that more true than with your office. Potential customers, existing clients, potential financiers, prospective employees and more all draw conclusions about your company from the state of the office. That’s why you have a cleaning company come in and tidy things up on a regular basis. Sometimes, however, office employees can interfere with the cleaners’ ability to do their job. Not consciously of course. But through a combination of bad habits and simple oversights. We’ll explain.


Office Practices That Can Undermine Cleanliness


  • Every cleaning company is barred from moving certain things during the process of cleaning. For instance, most are instructed to never move papers on a desk. Most office workers are aware of this prohibition so some don’t think twice about leaving papers strewn about. If enough do it the office can look like it’s never been cleaned, even though the cleaner just came through.


  • The same thing can happen in dining areas. People sometimes leave things on the table and counters that could be construed by the cleaner as being personal items. As such, they leave them where they are and clean around them. If a guest enters the lunchroom and sees half-finished sandwiches on the table, it will look like the place is never cleaned. Even if the cleaner just paid a visit.


  • Plants are another item that can create the impression of a dirty office. People often bring plants into their workspace to make it feel more homely and comfortable. But if they don’t take proper care of those plants they can shine an unfavourable light on the area, giving it an untidy appearance, even if the cleaners just finished their sweep.


The Bottom Line


There are limits to what a cleaning company is allowed to do. In order to ensure your office always looks its best, it’s important your staff do their part. All it takes is a bit of mindful care to allow the efforts of the cleaning company to come shining through.