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Commercial Cleaning: The Best Solution for Schools

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases is a primary reason for the extreme need for commercial cleaning solutions for schools. Regardless of the school size, the number of students enrolled, or the location, cleaning solutions ensure a maintained environment that helps kids of all ages focus on their education rather than a dirty environment. But, most importantly, it ensures that diseases and viruses like influenza and the common cold  aren’t spread like a rampant wildfire from one student to the next.


Obviously, a good janitorial crew is needed to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the school. The number of people that should be on the cleaning crew varies by the size of the school. Choose a janitorial company that uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions to further prevent health concerns and issues with children -and visitors- around the school.


But, it takes team effort to ensure the school is clean, safe, and sanitary each day. Teachers and other faculty members should all pitch in and do their part to keep things clean and contagious-free. Students will have accidents that require such to reduce sickness among those within the facility and to keep the facility clean and sanitary.


A few pointers to use to make this possible:


  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising each offer different benefits to the school. Each is just as important as the next and together, make the school a better place to be. Cleaning is the process of removing dirt, germs, and other impurities from the surface of an object. You can clean an object with soap and water or specialty detergents. Disinfecting kills the germs on the surface of an object, using specific chemicals to kill them. Sanitising reduces the germs on an object to safe levels, per public health requirements. Sanitising and disinfecting surfaces reduces the spread of infection.
  • Clean and disinfect objects that are touched often. Your school should have a policy in place to follow; some schools require daily disinfection of specific items, like the bathrooms.
  • Immediately clean objects that are visibly soiled. Use standard precautions when objects are soiled with body fluids like urine or blood.
  • There’s proper ways to clean and to use cleaning products. Ensure you follow the rules of use according to the label directions. Rinse with water and finish with an EPA-registered disinfectant.
  • Safety when using cleaning products is imperative. Read label directions to ensure the products are used properly and avoid potential skin irritations, breathing problems, or eye irritation. Wearing gloves when using any product is ideal. Do not mix cleaners or disinfectants together, and always keep them inside their original containers.


Keep Your School Clean & Sanitary


Do not underestimate that need for proper and regular cleaning at your educational institution. The advantages of maintaining a clean, sanitary school are plentiful for every person inside the facility, whether students, teachers, or other staff members. Hire a good janitorial company who will handle the brunt of the cleaning, but ensure that all staff working at the school can handle a few simple tasks (as outlined above) when such need arises.


If you’d like a professional hand at keeping your school safe, sanitary, and clean, request your free estimate today. We’d love to provide our trusted cleaning services at your facility.