Commercial Cleaning Services In The UK Projected To Increase Steadily Until 2019

Commercial Cleaning Services In The UK Projected To Increase Steadily Until 2019

The latest contract cleaning market report from AMA Research Ltd. is predicting steady growth in this industry for the period between 2015 and 2019. This is good news for providers of commercial cleaning services as many UK businesses are expecting to see decreases in sales due to the harsh economic environment.

Despite UK Economic Downturn

Considering the recent economic downturn in the UK, news of this projected increase in commercial cleaning services will come as a surprise to some. The bottom line of many UK businesses continues to suffer due to the difficult economic climate but for the most part cleaning services have managed to stay afloat and some of them are even thriving in this challenging economic environment. The market remains competitive even with budget cuts in the private and public sectors.

Driving Factors

The increasing standards of cleanliness, especially for health and food related businesses, form a large part of the reason for the continued success of commercial cleaning services in the UK. In response to the demand for higher cleaning standards new legislations have been put into place and they drive the need for professional cleaning services in business that seek to comply with them.

The demand from offices and commercial spaces for more professional cleaning services means that service providers in this sector have also been forced to improve their own service offerings and standards to keep up with industry requirements and provide better cleaning services. In some cases this will mean better training for staff or the use of more effective and environmentally friendly products.

Financial Considerations

While it is true that the demand for professional cleaning services will continue to rise in the coming years, it is also true that the costs for these services will increase as well. Labour costs are a significant expense for cleaning companies across the board and the Government’s Living Wage 2015 announcement will have the impact of seeing wages increase considerably over the next few years.

In this competitive commercial cleaning market many service providers are taking steps to be more efficient and keep their costs low. Office cleaning makes up the greater part of this market segment and so it experiences even more competition that most. Many of these companies have started to bundle their services and invest more in their marketing strategies to make sure that they continue to offer competitive rates.

Helping the Economy

More than just thriving in challenging economic times, the commercial cleaning industry is also playing a major role in helping the UK’s economy to recover from the recession. Cleaning businesses are labour intensive and create employment for large number of people in the country. These employees in turn spend their wages in the country and this helps to boost the economy.

Many of the jobs in commercial cleaning are entry-level jobs and this has the added benefit of reducing the number of people with limited educational qualifications who are dependent on government benefits for their survival. Here again, this will serve to help boost the general economy.

As the demand for commercial cleaning services continues to rise so will the standard of living for many Britons, as more of us will see cleaner, more hygienic working spaces as a result. If you have a business in the Kent or the surrounding area and you would like to have your commercial space professionally cleaned, North Kent Cleaning Services will be more than happy to assist you. Contact us at 01634 271 173 or if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.