How Dirty Can the Office Kitchen Be?

How Dirty Can the Office Kitchen Be?

Have you ever thought that your office’s kitchen isn’t getting enough attention? There may be many different kind of people sharing your workplace and a number of them won’t see the hygiene of the office’s kitchen as something important, but if you’re someone who cares about your own health you know that the office kitchen’s cleanliness is very important.

Getting sick at work is a fear that many people have because if they’re sick their work’s efficiency will drop or they won’t be able to work at all, and an unclean kitchen is a quick way to get sick. Just think about how many people touch the microwave or leave food debris across the table which may attract pests such as cockroaches, rats and ants, which may in turn attract diseases and allergies.


What can lead to an unclean office kitchen?

There are a lot of things that will lead to an unhygienic office kitchen that many won’t even notice.


An unhygienic fridge

Think about that half-way eaten sandwich that your coworker left at the fridge about three days ago, do you really think he will come for it later? (maybe he will, but it won’t be good for him). People shouldn’t store leftover food if they’re not going to eat it later in the day since it will take space or contaminate other food stored in the fridge.

Open condiment containers. Condiment containers should always remain closed; this will prevent accidents when someone drops one. No one will want to clean the ketchup sauce that someone spilled in the fridge, think ahead!


Unkept sink

A dirty sink will turn people off from cleaning their dishes as it may look ugly enough to make someone sick, remember that the sink should be washed too. A tidy sink will look pretty enough to keep people washing their dishes as soon as they bring them in.

An unclean sink isn’t the only thing that will make your office kitchen unclean, dirty dishes will too so don’t stockpile them!


Food stains and debris

Food debris will attract small pest that will invade your kitchen office, so if you don’t want to deal with sharing your food with small animals, be sure to keep your office kitchen free from food leftovers.

Food stains is another thing that will leave your office kitchen with an unhygienic look, make sure to remember everyone to clean their spills right away.

Unkept microwave and coffee pot

Sometimes small traces of food may jump off in the microwave, so remember to clean it safely after each use. The coffee pot is something that should be cleaned regularly too.


A clean office kitchen is a happy office kitchen

Remember that a clean kitchen isn’t only safe and hygienic, but it’s also pleasant to the sight and adds a sense of comfortableness that will definitely improve everyone’s mood and work efficiency, so don’t be afraid to gather everyone and craft some rules to keep your office kitchen clean, and if there are rules already set, then be the change you want to see!


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