How to Get Your Staff to Keep Their Personal Space Clean!
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How to Get Your Staff to Keep Their Personal Space Clean!

Sometimes in the rush of things people may leave their workspace unorganized, thinking that they will clean it when they have some extra time, but what happens when they don’t keep their personal space organized and clean?

There are a lot of reasons why people should keep their workspace clean and organized and work efficiency is one of them. When their personal space is clogged with discarded sheets of paper, dry pens and in the worst case food leftovers, they will have to weave through all that in order to start working, reducing in small amounts the time spent working, which in the long run may become more apparent.


When the personal space gets too “personal”

It may be okay to bring some personal stuff to add some familiar and positive mood to the workplace, but it should be done in a way that won’t compromise the work that needs to be done. As an example compare two workers, one that brings pictures of his family while the other brings toys and fidgets, and think which one will get distracted first.

The easiest way to keep the staff from clogging their personal space with objects that might distract them from work is to add rules.


Have a clean-up day now and then

Having a clean-up day can be the first step towards a cleaner personal space, and can even improve your staff’s teamwork. If they’re working together they might feel way more motivated than being asked to just clean their personal space.


Add some rules

Having a set of rules is another step, and a very important one. A set of rules will make everyone aware that having a clean personal space is something important, some basic rules can be:

  • Don’t leave leftover food in your workplace
  • Leave your space free from stains and food debris
  • Put everything discarded in the trash bin
  • Don’t clog your workplace with post-it notes from previously completed works
  • Put any item back to where it belongs after you’ve finished using it

Just be sure to not sound totalitarian and give your staff enough room to bring some personal things to lighten up their personal space.


Add some incentives

This might sound simple, and it actually is! Having a set of incentives in plain sight will motivate your staff to keep their workplace clean. Isn’t that hard to find scientific research stating that an organized personal place improves the mood and work efficiency of everyone.


Work together

Having a personal space clean is a sign of a good workspace. People will feel happier to share their workplace when others are following a set of equalitarian rules that improve their work efficiency while leaving them with some room to add some personal things to make their stay at work more comfortable. Remember that having a happy and comfortable staff is a good way to keep the motivated.




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