Green Cleaning and Climate Change
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Green Cleaning and Climate Change

Climate change is today a seemingly unavoidable reality; each year, we see temperatures rising with a whole host of other changes occurring in climates around the world which are otherwise opposed to typical patterns seen usually. Clearly, this is something that needs to be dealt with very strongly, with countries from around the world expected to play their part. That is the reason we have begun having regular climate changes conferences around the world, like the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, France where nations come together to discuss strategic ways to tackle climate change.

Against this backdrop, surely the cleaning industry can also do its bit, ensuring that it conducts all its cleaning activities in as environmentally-friendly a manner as possible.

At North Kent Cleaning Services, we have of course taken this mantra very seriously, ensuring that green cleaning remains a pivotal force in practically everything that we do. In fact, being an ISO 14001 accredited service is itself a major testimony to our commitment towards environmentally-friendly operations, with a constant endeavour to minimize the carbon footprint of our business.

In this post, we want to stress on all the various initiatives that we as a Kent based cleaning business have taken towards ensuring a green style of functioning. We hope that through this post, we would be able to inspire many more cleaning (and other) businesses out there to also function in a manner that is extremely conducive to the environment.

Maximizing recycling

In our business, there are ample opportunities for recycling, be it paper, plastic consumables, bins, and so on. We are very confident that no matter which niche your business may be in, there would be similar recycling opportunities available too. Identify all such opportunities and go ahead in making the most of them…that on its own would be a major contribution towards going green and tackling climate change.

A “green attitude”

Unless the organization as a whole adopts a “green attitude”, for it to go green and play its part in tackling climate change would be a rather tough proposition. At North Kent Cleaning Services, we have ensured that going green has become a mantra that we follow day in and day out, without exception. Moreover, often these policies are easier to setup than to actually implement. However, the going has been relatively simple at North Kent Cleaning Services since we worked very hard at the outset to ensure that all personnel abided by it.

There are instances galore on this front:

  • The vehicles we use have waste transfer licenses, being covered by the environment agency
  • We use recyclable material as much as possible, as highlighted in the previous point
  • We adopt and actually implement a variety of different green principles such as the use of steam cleaners and microfiber cloth.
  • All the electronic items that we use for cleaning such as vacuum cleaners are specially designed with unique energy saving capabilities.

The difference a business like ours can make

Often, there are snarky remarks made about the kind of difference that a small cleaning business could possibly make in halting the impact of climate change.

In that regard, we would assert that if we all did our bit, surely the cumulative impact would be stupendous!

This again brings us back to the “green attitude” point mentioned previously; if more and more businesses – whatever niche they may be in, also adopted such an attitude, we would definitely get to see a cleaner, greener environment all around us.

Remember that each and every one of us has finite time left on this planet; after that, it is all about the legacy that we leave behind. And surely, we want to give our future generations the best possible living environments under ideal climatic conditions.

Green cleaning comes alive with North Kent Cleaning Services. To see our “green attitude” for yourself, feel free to call us on 01634 271 173 or send an email to