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How Cleanliness and Sanitation Affect the Visitor Experience in Hotels

When you’re running a hotel, the importance of sanitation and cleanliness can never be overestimated. The appearance of your premises will set the tone immediately for the quality of your accommodation, and will also show your guests just how much you value them. If your guests are unimpressed by the hygiene levels in your hotel, you can rest assured that your reputation is at stake.

A single negative review has been proven to lose a hotel about 30 guests. This, in turn, has a major consequence in terms of revenue loss. However, when you ensure that your hotel’s housekeeping operations are up to scratch, you can be sure that your property will stay on top, beating its competitors and rivals.

Just How Important Do Guests Find Housekeeping To Their Experience?

It’s all too easy to underestimate the importance guests place on housekeeping, however evidence shows that 97% of travellers believe cleanliness is a key factor when choosing where to stay. If a hotel as received a review which describes the accommodation as unhygienic or dirty, the impact on bookings can be severe. Up to 90% of people refuse to book a room at any hotel which is described as dirty in reviews. In fact, sanitary conditions are so vital to American and European guests that housekeeping is prioritised above comfort, lighting, internet access and even customer service.

Meeting Customer Expectations

What do guests expect when they book a room at a hotel? At the very least, they expect clean bedding and furniture, a bathroom which is hygienic and sanitary and communal areas which are pristine and rubbish-free. It’s essential, then, to meet those expectations through high quality cleaning.

The Damage Caused By Online Reviews

In the past, if your hotel was sub-par on the hygiene front, you could probably get away with it. Word of mouth may spread, but the effects would be slow and may not impact too greatly on your bookings or revenue. These days, however, the internet has changed all that. Guests are passionate about good-quality housekeeping. So much so that they will turn to the world wide web to broadcast their opinions if they are disappointed in this respect. Sites like TripAdvisor have huge social power. Many travellers refuse to book any accommodation without first checking it out on this site. That means that a negative review can damage your hotel’s reputation beyond redemption. With 35% of guests reconsidering their choice of hotel if they read negative feedback about accommodation that they’ve already booked online, it stands to reason that avoiding those negative reviews in the first place is imperative.

Professional Cleaning Is The Solution

The good news is that it’s very easy to circumvent the problem of negative reviews due to dirty rooms and communal areas. Professional commercial cleaning is the perfect solution to ensuring that your hotel looks clean and is hygienic for guests to stay in. With high-quality cleaning services, you can enjoy positive reviews and satisfied customers.