How To Make A Cleaning Rota In An Office
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How To Make A Cleaning Rota In An Office

It is one thing to hire a group of professionals to clean your office so that it is spick and span. But keeping on top of this and making sure that the office does not fall back into its bacteria ridden state is on the management and the staff. The easiest way to do this is for everyone to do their part.

If everyone does their own little part then the office will stay clean for much longer. But getting the people in the office on board with this can be quite hard. Well, do not worry as we have a few ideas for how you can implement a cleaning rota into your office and keep people happy with it.

Create A Cleaning List

Before you even start delegating cleaning jobs to people, you need to decide what needs to be cleaned and how often it should be cleaned. Things like the office copier, microwave, water cooler and so on will need to be cleaned at least once a week, likewise running the hoover around the office might be something you want to do once a week as well. Just think about what is the dirtiest and what needs cleaning on a more regular basis. Get the staff on board and ask for their opinion on what they feel needs to be cleaned.

You Have To Give People Time To Clean

It is one thing to start a cleaning rota, but you cannot expect people to miss their lunch break or have to work a little later all because they had to do a little office cleaning for ten to fifteen minutes. You need to give people a little bit of time to make sure that they can clean and it not interfere with their work, lunch or private life. At the same time, you have to make sure people are not taking advantage of “cleaning time” and using it as an excuse to get out of work for half an hour. Bottom line is, you just have to be fair with people when it comes to expecting them to clean.

Look For Volunteers & Offer Incentives

While you can make cleaning mandatory. It is much, much easier for you if you do it on a volunteer basis. There is bound to be some people in the office who like to clean and would like to make sure the office stays nice and clean. They will more than likely be happy to clean the office, especially if you throw in some kind of incentive like a cake/donuts on a Friday or even just a few minutes extra for lunch as a thank you. You offer incentives and the cleaning volunteers will come to you!

Lead By Example

If you are the boss and you want to keep the office clean then lead by example and show people how it is done. If you make a cleaning rota and expect other people to clean and you do not lift a finger. Then that is going to (and understandably so) create some resentment. But if they see the higher ups rolling up their sleeves and cleaning then they will not be as against it.




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