Measures to Promote Better Office Hand Hygiene
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Measures to Promote Better Office Hand Hygiene

No matter which way you look at it, hand hygiene is one of the easiest and most effective ways to avoid the spread of the germs in the office. In some industries like health care and childcare, there has been a pretty active campaign regarding the hand hygiene but the truth is that all workplaces can benefit from implementing measures to promote better office hand hygiene.

Usually employees share a lot of materials from computers, copy machines and coffee machines to doorknobs, pens and many other items. With many people sharing the same room and so many objects, it’s crucial that you promote better hand hygiene in your office to reduce the amount of pollutants that get transferred from person to person.

You might think this is only a medical question but the fact is that since germs and diseases won’t proliferate so quickly, your employees will be healthier, will have less sick days and will be more productive. Health and productivity go hand in hand in every office, no matter what industry you are in. If your employees are sick all the time, less work will get done and that is just a fact.

Here are 4 strategies you can adopt to promote better office hand hygiene:

1 Simply Talk To Your Employees

You don’t have to be bossy, just let them know that you are sincerely worried about their health. You need to tell them why it is important they use anti-bacterial soap and alcohol-based hand rubs. Also, make sure to explain how it will help prevent the germs from spreading. This kind of honest and open communication is much more effective than barking out orders and making demands.

2 Host A Slideshow Presentation

Most people are more able to retain pertinent information if they visualize it. So, you can come up with a simple slideshow presentation where you show how the germs are spread when your employees don’t properly wash their hands. Use the slideshow to explain how they should be washing their hands. Visual aids like slideshows can successfully get message across and help your employees to actually remember it.

3 Use Your Office Walls

Sometimes people just need a reminder. If you come up with some creative materials that you can hang around the office encouraging your employees to wash their hands frequently, they will be more likely to do it. You can maybe hang signs near the copy machine, the coffee machine or the bathroom. Target locations that are more susceptible to contamination.

4 Hire A Cleaning Service

By using a professional cleaning service you can get a cleaner office. Professional cleaning companies are used to dealing with offices where a lot of people work and they know, better than anyone, how to get rid of the germs. Hiring a cleaning service that knows how to properly remove germs will mean that there are less germs around to be picked up by employees in the first place. They can also encourage employees to practice good hand hygiene.

Germs are everywhere and it’s impossible to eliminate them altogether, we can keep them from spreading by just having the quick and inexpensive habit of having better hand hygiene. For more information about what you can do to promote better hand hygiene in your office or to have it professionally cleaned please contact North Kent Cleaning services at or 01634 271 173.