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Office Cleaning Gets a Whole New Dimension with North Kent Cleaning Services

Gone are the days when heaps of paper stacked all around the place seemed reminiscent of a productive and busy office. In today’s digital age, there is really no room whatsoever for such a cluttered environment, having made way for a pristine setting that is completely free of litter.

Of course, this kind of an ambiance still seems more like a dream than reality for many businesses – yes, even in today’s day and age. There is simply so much documentation to be taken care of, so much manpower all around the premises, so much coffee being carried (and spilled!) all over…that quest for a sparkling work environment seems more like a distant illusion!

It is under such conundrums that North Kent Cleaning Services has taken it upon itself – practically like a challenge, to ensure that offices in Kent, Canterbury, Ashford, Maidstone, and beyond remain clean, no matter what the nature of the business.

Accordingly, in this article, we look at some of the nuances that North Kent Cleaning Services specifically deals with, in order to ensure that offices in the area remain as clean as can possibly be.

Familiarity with the area and its dynamics

North Kent Cleaning Services is a family owned and operated cleaning business. It knows the entire area around Kent like the back of its hand. This is important given that every area tends to have its own unique set of dynamics. For instance, businesses in the area would have their own set of expectations and requirements as far as cleanliness is concerned.

At North Kent Cleaning Services, we cater to every single cleaning requirement of businesses in the area, meticulously and thoroughly, whereby word of mouth publicity of our business alone has consistently been phenomenal. This is significant since the community recognizes us as one of their own and accordingly gives us credit for our work.


Related to the above point of regional dynamics is versatility; with each office having its own set of cleaning requirements, it is quintessential that we remain versatile in our approach. For instance, an office that has a large amount of paperwork and/or personnel would have greater cleaning requirements as opposed to say another office (albeit in the same area) with minimal paperwork and personnel. At North Kent Cleaning Services, we are flexible and versatile enough to cater to all such unique cleaning requirements with effortless ease.

Working closely with clients

Again related to the above points is our facet of working very closely with clients at all times. To substantiate this point, while businesses do tend to have differentiated cleaning requirements, those requirements in turn do change with time. For instance, an office that does not otherwise have wet cleaning requirements regularly may do so on certain occasions. Or to cite another instance, a business with minimal personnel might have an occasion, say a get together of staff from various places whereby there is a large cleaning requirement that emerges somewhat unpredictably. Now, given our versatility and tenacity, we are able to fulfil all such requirements with ease, especially since we work very closely with clients at all times.


Summing up, with North Kent Cleaning Services, you are assured of a refreshing change as far as your prior experience with office cleaning service companies has been.

Therefore, whether you’re in Canterbury, Ashford, Maidstone or any other part of Kent, feel free to give us a call on 01634 271 173 or send an email to for all your office cleaning needs without exception.