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Steps to a Cleaner Office

Many of us spend a good portion of our day at the office or some other place of work. Therefore, if we are spending so much time in these environments, it is in our best interest to have them looking their best and at the same time maintaining a level of cleanliness so that we can minimize illness.

Set the Standard

Where there are many people with diverse backgrounds there will be different ideas about what a clean area looks and feels like and also and what is hygienic and what is not. Keeping an office clean can start by determining what the standard of cleanliness actually is so that everyone can be aware of the cleanliness goals and recognize when the standard order is not being maintained.

Germ Hotspots

The presence and spread of germs can be a big problem in offices.  Germs that cause the common cold and flu as well as gastric conditions are always a problem and sometimes germs that lead to more serious infectious diseases can be found lurking. There are some areas that can be considered hot spots or germ zones as more germs tend to accumulate in these areas because of frequent use.

A desk for example is considered at hotspot because almost everything there is touched very frequently like the computer keyboard, mouse and the telephone.  The kitchen or break room is another hotbed of germs. The refrigerator, the microwave and the kettle are the surfaces that germs are found on the most.

The other area of concern is the bathroom, and well, that whole area is a hotspot; every single surface there has a massive accumulation of germs. While the entire office should be cleaned regularly, special attention needs to be paid these hotspots to minimize the risks of infection. They should be cleaned every day and if possible, more than once per day to ensure the environment remains a healthy one.

Personal Hygiene

Keeping our hands clean and taking care to properly cover when we sneeze and cough are some of the things that we can do to minimize the spread of germs. Hands should be washed after every trip to the bathroom and should always be washed before and after touching surfaces in the breakroom. At desks or workstations, having an alcohol based sanitizer handy for a quick on the spot cleaning can also help to keep surfaces clean.

Where coughing and sneezing are concerned most persons cover with their hands; but then in the very next second use these same hands to touch a number of surfaces, instantly spreading germs.

Clear that Clutter

An often overlooked aspect of both cleanliness and the spread of germs is clutter in the office. Oftentimes clutter is present for so long that it is no longer recognized as a problem or an eyesore. The more boxes, stacks of papers and files and odd items that are around is the more likely germs and allergens will be present in your office.

Employees should be encouraged to keep their work-spaces clutter free and in common areas, all clutter should be removed.

It is recommended that offices have a regular cleaning schedule and a daily cleaning regimen for germ hotspots. At North Kent Cleaning Service, we understand what it takes to keep your office clean. Please contact us at   info@northkentcleaning.co.uk or 01634 271 173 so we can discuss how we will serve you.