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The Importance of Being Green

“Going Green” is a term that most of us have heard in some context or another, yet some of us may not fully understand what this means. When used in relation to cleaning, it means that a combination of environmentally safe products, techniques and equipment are used when cleaning any area, whether a place of business or any other public space as well as in the home.   Natural cleaning agents are used in this process and cleaning methods such as using steam technology and vacuums specially manufactured for the green cleaning process are utilised.

It has long been established that synthetic chemicals cause severe environmental damage and also can be detrimental to individual health. In fact, many of the chemicals used in commercially prepared cleaning products have been found to potentially cause serious diseases such as cancer. These products can also affect the indoor air quality in buildings leading to respiratory problems for occupants such as asthma and other lung and respiratory difficulties. Chronic allergies and sinusitis are also problems that are related to poor air quality. The harsh chemicals can also cause eye and skin irritations. These conditions can and do lead to employee illness and higher absentee levels because persons are sick more often.

It is because of these reasons that many businesses have taken the step to “go green”. It allows them to do their part in protecting the environment by utilising eco-friendly methods of cleaning and at the same time, ensuring that their employees and customers are not exposed the substances that could potentially damage their health.

Going Green is not only the concern of businesses that have taken it upon themselves to do the right thing.   More and more, customers are requiring that anyone who they do business with must be certified or possess relevant accreditation attesting to the fact that their practices are geared towards protecting the environment.



When a business decides to use green cleaning methods, it’s not just a matter of getting the right cleaner for the job. It is a process that all employees or regular users of the work-space will have to embrace as they too have to play a part to ensure that the green cleaning effort is a success. Their contribution for example comes by making a special effort to make sure that excess dirt and dust are removed from shoes prior to entering the building and that they frequently use alcohol based sanitizers while in the office to reduce the buildup of germs on work surfaces.

This kind of cooperation leads to a sense of common purpose or community among employees and all users of the space. It also promotes employee well-being as employers will be seen as caring enough about their welfare to take the necessary steps make the workplace a more pleasant place in which to work.

When making the transition to green cleaning, it is best to select a cleaning service that has the relevant training, experience and accreditation. North Kent Cleaning Services will be your partner in making sure you transition successfully. Contact us at or 01634 271 173 so we may discuss how we can serve you.