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Thorough Industrial Cleaning Assured with North Kent Cleaning Services

When it comes to industrial cleaning, a major requirement is that it has to be very thorough; there is practically no leeway. So whether it is factories, warehouses, or just about any other industrial facilities, it is essential that a lot of attention to detail is placed on the job at hand.

With North Kent Cleaning Services, such a level of thoroughness is of course a given; that is the reason, a wide range of industries across Kent, Midway and beyond have continued to rely on us for all their cleaning requirements.

Against that backdrop, let us look at some of the specialised value-additions that come with the industrial cleaning services offered by North Kent Cleaning Services.

Scalability of operations

A major advantage in the context of industrial cleaning at North Kent Cleaning Services is the kind of scalability that we are capable of. To give you an example, for a major retail chain that has a widespread presence across Kent and adjoining areas, we started off with cleaning services at only one warehouse. They were so impressed with our services; they quickly offered us a cleaning mandate for all their warehouses. No doubt, this meant enormous scaling up of our services within a very short time span. Of course we came up trumps and today continue to serve a number of other clients in similar industries.

Thorough, rigorous industrial cleaning

As mentioned above, things have to be very thorough in industrial cleaning. So if it is internal fascia for instance, lights; ducting; floors; ceilings; and even internal walls have to be kept completely clean. Likewise when it comes to external fascia and fabrications, a lot of effort has to be put in towards cleaning the exterior of buildings. Then in the case of factories, enormous effort is required to be put in to ensure clean surfaces that are free of dust; dirt or grime which tends to accumulate over time. Again, it is our thorough, meticulous cleaning which really comes to the rescue.

Specialised kitchen cleaning

At North Kent Cleaning Services we take immense pride in the specialised kitchen cleaning services that we offer. In that regard, one dedicated service that merits special mention would be kitchen duct cleaning; commercial kitchens invariably end up with substantial amounts of fat and grease deposits over time that mandate timely cleaning, else risk dangerous fires. In fact for this particular industry, regular cleaning has become mandatory from an insurance perspective. Light-usage kitchens operating anywhere between 2 to 6 hours a day are expected to clean their ducts and extraction systems very thoroughly at least once a year; medium-usage kitchens (6 to 12 hours a day) at least every 6 months; and heavy-usage kitchens (12 to 16 hours a day) every 3 months.

At North Kent Cleaning Services, we go the extra mile, even providing before and after photos along with a certificate of cleanliness that together prove beyond doubt the cleaning effort that has been made and the difference that it has brought about.


With competitiveness rising across industries, cost-effectiveness is of the essence when it comes to cleaning services. Otherwise, notwithstanding all the risks associated with negligence on the cleanliness front, there are some industries that are bound to consider going lax on this front. With North Kent Cleaning Services, they need not (and do not!) make any such compromised considerations – they know that in spite of obtaining superior cleaning services, they will not end up paying a fortune!


At North Kent Cleaning Services, we like to feel that we excel as an industrial cleaning services provider.

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